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About Piu Book

My name is Rosana Lopes. As the founder of Piu Book with my brother Davi, I will tell you a short story about how our dream was born. After more than 24 years of a successful career in the technology area, something has begun to change within me. Despite my passion for the challenges of working in the financial market, that long-sought and well-paid position as an executive did not fulfill my deepest longings.

At that moment of my life, I started to feel a deep unease in my whole being. Everything was in its place, but something was missing. My heart was telling me that I needed to reach a greater, deeper, higher goal. I needed to find my true purpose in this life.

Time passed, and the restlessness increased, with the need for change growing vigorously and intensely within me. During my deep reflections, I thought: But change? As? What? Doubts that gradually were answered, becoming a conviction, from ideas that began to materialize in actions, towards a new dream, that flourished in my heart.

Inspired by the spiritual novels written by my mother channeled to her by Spirit Guide Andorra, I discovered my purpose. Bring to the world novels, messages, and stories related to the spiritual world, spreading seeds of good through words. Then, after much reflection, I took the first step towards my dream. In partnership with my dear brother, Davi Lopes, the plans for opening our publishing house Piu Book began to be drawn.

A lot has happened since then, so early in 2015, I decided to drop my executive position as CIO of a renowned investment bank in Brazil, moving towards my new life project. At this turning point in my journey, my heart signaled that it was time to move forward with courage, without looking back.

Thus, was born the Piu Book publishing company (www.piubook.com) with the aim of bringing to the world Words of Love, Seeds of Light!!!, company’s slogan, and the name of my first book, inspired by spirit Francesco.