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The author Valeria Lopes was born into a spiritual family in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From an early age, due to her extreme sensitivity, she has been in contact with the spiritual world. Throughout her existence, with the help of her spiritual friends, she has developed her psychic abilities—learning how to use this gift to benefit others. In the year of 1998, she was inspired by the spirit Andorra, using psychography and her clairvoyance abilities, to write her first romance. 

“The responsibility of the spiritual work is enormous,and for this reason, I hope to continue to be deserving the gift of receiving stories that talk about life and death, trying in some way to help those who go through hardships, giving them patience, understanding,and resignation. 

Alongthese years, I’ve had many experiences with my spiritual friends, so I’m very grateful for all this time we’ve been together and united in the happiness of serving for good.”

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