Book: Gypsy Love: Dream or Reality? Writer Valeria Lopes. Spirit Andorra. Magic. Destiny.

Book: Gypsy Love: Dream or Reality?


Book: Gypsy Love - Dream or Reality?

Novel by Valeria Lopes. Inspired by spirit Andorra.

                                       How far would you go to search for your dreams?

                                                   Do you believe in the unbelievable?

                                                When is your life a dream or a reality?

In the second half of the XVII century, in Spain, a story of love and magic reveals the drama and suffering of soul mates, who must fight against the prejudice and social rules of the time to find their joy.  

As they are about to leave behind everything and everyone to live their great love, their plan of escape is discovered. The lovers are separated, their life together torn apart.  

But the story does not end there.  Strange occurrences direct our lovers to the origin of an intriguing enigma: did what just happened really happen? Was it a dream? Or was it reality?

The desperate search for answers proves that the force of fate is reality

                                Do you believe in the wonders of life and its mysteries?

                                                  Are you dreaming? Or is it real?


Páginas                  : 334
Editora                    : Piu Book
Publicação             : March, 2018

Idioma                     : English
ISBN-13 Impresso  : 978-1-944737-13-9
ISBN-13 Ebook       : 978-1-944737-14-6