Book: Seven Waves. Writer Valeria Lopes. Spirit Old Friend. Reflection. Forgiveness.

Book: Seven Waves


Book: Seven Waves

Novel by Valeria Lopes. Inspired by spirit Old Friend.

                                                 How well do we really know ourselves?

                                            How often do we act without ulterior motives?

                                   How lavishly have we fooled ourselves by our apologies?

                            How endlessly do we blame others and God for our unhappiness?

Looking for answers, we join the mystery of a man who is lost, both physically and emotionally, in a very peculiar world. Not remembering anything that had happened to him, or how he ended up in a place of sun, sand, sea, and sky, he walks on the sand, trying to find himself as he explores that odd and singular beach.

He watches the waves, studying them as they start out far off on the horizon, thunder forth and then calmly lap the sand and the shore. Suddenly, the strangest thing happens. The wave closest to shore stops, paralyzed, in midair. “Listen to me,” booms a voice coming from the wave. Spellbound, our lost man listens and begins to see himself in the timeless stories.

The man walks and walks, always returning to his place on the rocks, where the sea meets the shore. He is searching, but for what? For who? 

Seven waves come forth and then stand still, Seven Waves tell their stories before they dissolve into the sand, Seven Waves inspire deep reflection in our troubled man, bringing him face to face with the hiding shadows of his soul.

                                       At the end of his quest, what will this man discover? 


Páginas                  : 73
Editora                    : Piu Book
Publicação             : Nov, 2019

Idioma                     : English
ISBN-13 Impresso  : 978-1-944737-23-8
ISBN-13 Ebook       : 978-1-944737-22-1