The Curse of The Werck Family: The Battle between Love and Hate. Writer Valeria Lopes Spirit Andorra

Book: The Curse of The Werck Family (Vol I)


Book: The Curse of The Werck Family - The Battle Between Love and Hate

Novel by Valeria Lopes. Inspired by spirit Andorra.

France 1510. The time of the Inquisition. During one of the most darkest periods of history, untold barbaric acts were committed in the name of God.

In a small village in the south of the kingdom, the matriarch of an influential and highly prestigious family accused a beautiful and humbly born young woman of witchcraft, sending her to death by a public burning at the stake.

Helen was only 17 years old, and the love of the oldest son of the matriarch. But she was not of his status. So, Elizabeth Werck sought to destroy their future the only way she knew.  She accused Helen o witchcraft. Her allegation based solely on the fact that the young woman had a black cat.

Due to the position of the Werck family, the Catholic Church, loyal to their wealthiest donors, didn’t even bother to investigate the accusation. During the trial, the Inquisitor, using his mandate as representative of God's will, slandered, tortured, and killed all of Helen's closest relatives, in an attempt to confirm the monstrous lie that she was a witch. Afterward, even knowing of her innocence, he personally delivered her death penalty in the public square, so that all could watch the flames as they raced up her body.

Cruel and merciless happenings have a way of unleashing extreme and supernatural reactions, especially when the spirit of Helen is unable to choose between love and hate, bringing unforeseen consequences to the lives of all involved.

Which do you think wins? Love or Hate?

You will find out in this intensely romantic saga of two souls who remain eternally in love.


Páginas                  : 280
Editora                    : Piu Book
Publicação             : Sep, 2016

Idioma                     : English
ISBN-13 Impresso  : 978-1-944737-09-2
ISBN-13 Ebook       : 978-1-944737-08-5